Kobe 26 Bricks from Most Missed Shots in NBA History


Kobe Bryant is going to shoot. He’s going to shoot when he’s being defended, he’s going to shoot from good spots, and he’s going to shoot from bad spots. Sometimes it’ll work in his favor (not so much the Lakers’), and sometimes he’s going to fill up the shot chart with X’s.

When you shoot like Kobe you’ll probably miss your fair share and that he has. ESPN’s Arash Markazi reminds us that although a scoring machine, Bryant is also prone to missing a ton of shots…Like most in NBA history ton of shots:

Don’t be fooled though. This stat doesn’t mean Kobe is a super inaccurate shooter as much as it means that he’s just taken the lion’s share of the shots for the purple & gold during his long and storied career.

Think Brett Favre. Sure he’s thrown the most picks in NFL history but he’s still going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

[h/t Arash Markazi]

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  • There’s so much to say, but I think it’s best to say that we all have Kobe moments … Really great, one in a million even, but just don’t know when to go because it’s not the same anymore.

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