Derek Fisher: Knicks Don’t Trust the Triangle


None of the Knicks fit the Triangle offense, so of course they are struggling. They have a bunch of gunners and 1 on 1 players that treat ball movement like disease.

They have to revamp the entire roster around Carmelo next season or they will continue to struggle until the end of time.  Here is what Fisher had to say via ESPN.

Coach Derek Fisher knows one thing that’s ailing the Knicks: a creeping doubt in the triangle offense.

“I think there still is some doubt that we can do this the way we’re working on doing it,” he said before Sunday’s game. “When the pressure goes up, the stress goes up, the tendency to revert to old habits and not sticking with what you’re developing now [happens]. It’s understandable to be that way, but we just have to continue to stretch out the amount of time that we believe in what we’re doing.”

Fisher also believes his players are having trouble trusting the system.

He says they need to “trust that the things we work on every day … will work in good times and bad times.”

Knicks are 4-18.