Pau Says It Was Emotionally Draining Playing For the Lakers


Current Bull and former Laker, Pau Gasol admits that it may have been emotionally draining during his latter years with the Lakers. Gasol is clearly refreshed playing with the Bulls, averaging 19 points and 11 rebounds a game. I can only imagine how stressful his last few years in Los  Angeles were, dealing with constant trade rumors and even being benched by Mike D’Antoni.

“I don’t know what reputation that is,’’ Gasol said, when asked about the perceptions that grew in Los Angeles over the years. “I’d like to think my reputation is about being a professional, about just being a great addition to any team I’m a part of, and being a champion. If that’s the reputation people talk about, it’s pretty accurate.

“If it’s other things, you know the last couple of years in L.A. have been difficult from many aspects. But I think I was still able to put myself beyond that or above that and still do my job, still give everything I had every time I put that jersey on.’’

“It was emotionally draining,’’ Gasol said of his final years in Los Angeles. “It was hard on me especially after all the great times and great teams we had, and I just needed to be in a different position. To be refreshed, to be motivated again. Put myself in the best position possible. And I felt this is it.’’


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