Seahawks ‘Not Concerned’ About Eagles’ Fast Pace



The Seattle Seahawks’ defense is rounding into shape just as the playoff push starts, but they are about to run into a totally different animal.

Seattle will get a taste of the Philadelphia Eagles’ fast-pace, high-flying offensive attack under Chip Kelly.

The Seahawks say they aren’t scared of the Eagles speed, nor are they concerned about the explosive pace employed by the Eagles and Kelly as well.

“We know that they’ll go real fast, and we’ll see how much they want to do that,” Carroll said, per KIRO-AM. “We’re not concerned about that, really. We practice like that all the time because you never know when a team is going to do it.”

Pete Carroll pointed out that the Patriots and Broncos employ quick paced offenses as well.

“It doesn’t change anything for us,” Richard Sherman said of the pace. “We’ve dealt with tempo for a couple of years now. We’ve dealt with the Patriots’ tempo, Denver a few times with their tempo. It doesn’t change a thing for us. We play disciplined, sound football. It gives you more opportunities.”