STL Sports Bar Won’t Support Rams Because of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”


Time OUT Sports Bar

A local St. Louis sports bar has decided to join in to take action against the “thugs” that have been protesting the Darren Wilson grand jury decision. According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, they will no longer support the St. Louis Rams because of the action a few players took when they walked out of the tunnel in the “hands up, don’t shoot” position that has become so familiar with the Ferguson protestors.

I would say that’s it’s an absolute outrage and completely shocking that there is such a blatant disregard for human life, but it’s so common now to hear stories of law enforcement killing unarmed black men with no repercussions. This has become too common for me to say I’m shocked.

As I’ve repeatedly said, the thing that boggles my mind about this whole case is that Darren Wilson felt that there was no other way to restrain an unarmed man, so shooting to kill became his only option. What the Rams players did was an act of peaceful protest. Instead, it’s being equated to an act that supports violence and burning down local businesses. I’m not sure how that correlates.



  1. As Richard Sherman said, thug is the new accepted way to call black people niggas. At least I know never to go to Time Out.

  2. Funny how Jared Cook said him and the other players were to scared to go down and join the protestors. I have no problem with their protest l, as long as next time I doesn’t happen while they are at work.

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