Surfer Anastasia Ashley Worried Nude Photos & Videos Will Leaked

Anastasia Ashley

This is something most people have legit fear about. Having a phone or laptop stolen, because many people have intimate photos and videos on their devices. SI Model and Surfer Anastasia Ashley is one of them and now she is worried her stuff will leaked after a laptop was stolen while she was doing a photoshop according to TMZ.

Topless photos and videos of Anastasia Ashley are out there somewhere … after a crook made off with a laptop containing all the revealing footage … TMZ Sports has learned.

Sources tell us the laptop was snatched from a camera crew that had recently done a photoshoot with Ashley in Palm Beach, FL for Cheeki underwear. We’re told someone broke into their van … and stole a ton of photo equipment, including the laptop.

Ashley posed nearly nude (g-string only) at times … but the edited final product was only supposed to imply she was naked.

Ashley tells TMZ Sports … “There’s video of me posing in compromising positions from all kinds of angles.” She says the raw footage was never supposed to be seen … but now she’s worried about where it will end up.

Many times on a photoshoot the raw footage of a model will be naked and then edited out, so I can see why she is worried. The cops are on the case.


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