UNM Player Used Twitter Troll Who Mocked Moms Cancer as Motivation (Video)


Social media is awesome for things like networking, and sharing ideas. It also has its ugly dark side. A lot of people use Twitter as a forum to bully and cast hateful words.

Some take that hate thrown around on social media and use it as motivation.

New Mexico guard Hugh Greenwood, used an online troll for a little extra energy for Wednesday’s game against UNLV.

Someone on Twitter had apparently been tweeting at Greenwood, saying some pretty horrible things about his mother, who is battling cancer. The Twitter troll clearly went way too far, but Greenwood fought back the correct way.

Greenwood had 22 points and eight rebounds in the Lobos’ 71-69 victory. In his postgame interview, he made sure to “credit” the Twitter troll for giving him that extra motivation.