Bobby Petrino Banned from SC HS after Dropping Recruit for Roster Space

University of Louisville Introduces Bobby Petrino

Controversy always seems to find coach Bobby Petrino.

According to The State’s Chris Dearing; Louisville has pulled a scholarship promised to Dutch Fork running back and (Mr. Football for South Carolina) Matt Colburn not because he violated any rules or laws; but because the school unexpectedly lost more players to the NFL than they’d anticipated and need other positions. Yes you read that correctly. A COLLEGE football team is operating like the pros. Surprise surprise.

Dutch Fork running back and Mr. Football for South Carolina Matt Colburn is looking for a new college less than 48 hours before National Signing Day after Louisville pulled his offer to come in for the 2015 season and wants him to take a greyshirt. “They want him to greyshirt, which is him coming in next January,” Dutch Forks Head Coach Tom Knotts said. “That wasn’t our understanding. Matt has been committed to them almost eight months. We’re all very upset about it. Right now, we’re being proactive in trying to reach out to other schools but he really shut himself off from all the other schools relative to his recruitment. We have to get his name back out there. We’re not happy about it. We’ll see what else might pop up.”

Knotts went on to let coach Petrino know that he’s no longer welcome to recruit his players. Thats quite a respectable stand for a high school coach to take but it’s understandable judging by the position this kid has found himself now. At this stage of the game most rosters are almost full and coaches have their key recruits committed.

“We don’t have an ACC or SEC offer yet and that’s what we’re trying to secure,” Knotts said. “He’s considering everything at this point but we’re still shocked. Those coaches might not be there in another year so it could happen again in January. The trust factor with Louisville is gone. It’s not off the table but I wouldn’t think he would consider that. I encouraged him to think about it though because signing with Louisville is still an option.”

Definitely not a good way to attract the nation’s best high school football players to Louisville.

[h/t AJC]