Rick Ross & Meek Mill Involved In Brawl During All Star Party (Video)


You assume that after spending all that money to get in the club — random party goers would bypass the stupidity to focus on having fun.

Not was not the case at New York’s Liberty Theater after a few tough guys decided they didn’t want Meek Mill or Rick Ross in their part of town.

TMZ has the video footage of a brawl that broke out with both men involved.

The eyewitnesses say the guys who picked the fight seemed to object to Ross and Mill being on their turf at NYC’s Liberty Theatre.
We’re told Meek threw a few punches and Rick seemed to confine his activity to pushing. On the other hand, we’re told Rick’s bodyguards took care of business.
Ross was hosting the party and in the video you see Rozay standing near the fight.
The party was also attended by Oklahoma City Thunder player Dion Waiters.
Cops were not called.