How to Ball On a Budget in Vegas During May-Pac Weekend


The BSO staff always like to make sure that our Bros & Ladies are well taken care of and informed on how to get the best out of every situation.

Whether it’s warning you about the dangers of back page ads, sending nudes in DMs, or in this case overspending trying to impress people at Mayweather-Pacquiao weekend in May; we always have your best interest at heart.

We all know that the who’s who of famous people, fake famous people, IG models, Black Twitter and athletes will all flock to Las Vegas to be around the fight atmosphere. No one is actually going to the fight itself but that small detail matters not in the grand scheme of the weekend. The world will focus on Vegas as the party capital.

You can listen to my podcast if you want to hear a break down of all the craziness that will be going on during May-Pac weekend:

Right now we are focusing on how to get the most out of your Vegas trip and not spend you rent money doing it… Yes, people rent is due that week; don’t have your mom, cousin, baby momma, etc. out on the street because you spent $800 to get into a club.

Here’s a few pointers for those of you that are coming out to Vegas on a budget: 

1. Don’t Spend A Lot of $$$ on Liquor at Clubs/Day Clubs

We get it, It’s Vegas and everyone wants to walk around the club with a yard stick full of a slushy drink. Those will run you a smooth $100 on a good day. Why not pre game for the club or day club instead?

There’s small hidden spots all up and down the strip/downtown where you can get lit for a fraction of the price.


The Stage Door is located right behind the Cromwell and Flamingo Hotel on the strip. If you are in the area then it’s the go to pre game spot. They have a $3 shot & beer special (yes, a beer and a shot for $3). They also have Jager shots for $2, Fireball shots for $3, Patron shots for $4 and domestic beers for only $2. $20 goes a long way at the Stage Door.

Another great place to stop by is Mr. Lucky’s 24/7 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


Their food is great and fairly priced but we are suggesting it because of their 4 shots for $10 special. They have a long list of mixed shots (sweet fruit themed shots) and a few straight liquor shots. That special is guaranteed to start the night off well for you and your crew.

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