La Tech Band Chants “We Have Football” During UAB Game

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I have to admit, this one kind of makes my blood boil a little bit. Those who have followed me long enough know that I am a UAB graduate and former UAB football player, and I took the termination of the football program pretty personally.

That decision altered the lives of many players, students, coaches and an entire community. So for the Louisiana Tech band to chant “We have football” during the Conference USA basketball tournament, in which they were playing UAB hits real close to home.

Stay class, La Tech.

It’s one thing to make some jokes, it’s another thing to do what the band did. What makes it even worse is that the tournament is being held in Birmingham. That’s about as disrespectful as you could get.

12 thoughts on “La Tech Band Chants “We Have Football” During UAB Game

  • But the whole crowd yelling to fire a man isn’t disrespectful and classless? Stop being a baby

  • UAB fans are trash. I saw them cuss and grab one of the Tech cheerleaders after the game

  • ^ you know that’s a lie

  • Hate LA Tech, but this is funny. Did just what a basketball band is supposed to do… Get under the opponent’s skin.

  • Yes I am a La Tech fan, and yes I was at this game sitting in the student section. I would personally like to clarify what happened here. The band and floor student sections were right beside one another. The chant in question was said but not by the La Tech band. They are lead by Mr. Robken who loves to joke but knows when too far is too far. He would never let our band say something liket. As for my classmates I am sorry for what was said, however, I don’t know that something similar wouldn’t have been said if the roles were reversed. So to clear things up, this chant was not said by the La Tech Band of Pride. Goodluck in the endeavors to revive the UAB football program. GEAUX DAWGS!

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