Man sentenced To 16-Years For Burglary Of Paul George’s Home



Michael Lewis, 43, was sentenced to 14 years in prison and two years of work release.

Lewis allegedly went through George’s house during a game on April 28, 2014, walking off with his $15,000 NBA All-Star ring, a $700 watch, a pair of Air Jordans and $20 in cash. Prosecutors successfully convinced that Michael Lewis carried out the burglary.

Investigators say there was no sign of forced entry. It appears the alarm system wasn’t turned on.


During the investigation last year, police released surveillance video that showed the suspect outside the home before the break-in. Investigators say releasing the video led to some useful tips.

“When you put the video out there, they didn’t know who these folks were. The public may at least give us a first name to further investigate the crime to see if they can make that connection,” said IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey.

Neighbor Kathy Elias is not surprised someone came forward after seeing the video.

“Especially in this area. I wish everybody would step up and help out. I think it will lower the crime rate tremendously,” she said. “I think they really did their work on this one. I think they would do it for anybody and not because it was a high-profile person.”