Video: Miss. State QB Dak Prescott Beaten Up in Panama City

Dak Prescott

You’re going to encounter a lot of hate when you’re a star athlete.

Mississippi State star quarterback Dak Prescott and teammates Torrey Dale and Damian Williams were involved in a brawl at a concert in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Dak Prescott . . and another player got jumped in Panama City at a concert. Dakota got hit with a bottle in the head…other player hasn’t been named yet. They were at a Waka Flocka concert…no idea extent on injury at this point. Rumored, I repeat rumored to be Tenn fans that jumped them- but no idea at this point.

Here is full video of fight.

A group of guys on twitter were either trolling — or stupidly taking credit for the attack.


2 thoughts on “Video: Miss. State QB Dak Prescott Beaten Up in Panama City

  • Bunch of pu**ys! 20 guys jumping 3 people. I wish them MSU players had more teammates with them. Nigga can’t go nowhere without starting shit.

  • Looks like a bunch of weak punks who cannot fight one on one but are weak [email protected]#€es who have to have three or more punks to jump one guy. ooohhh look at you, weak [email protected]$es. I hope they find you from your Twitter . You are apparently not very smart. This is why I asked my child not to go down to Panama City in the BS!!! Drama for no reason.

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