Undertaker Held Off TV To Get More Wrestlemania Buys

The Undertaker

We might have gotten all we’re going to get from the Undertaker this last RAW when his voice accepted Bray Wyatt’s challenge for Wrestlemania. Along with some other supernatural stuff that we don’t need to get into. The WWE is holding the Undertaker from making any appearance until Wrestlemania itself. Now it looks like we have a better understanding to the WWE’s thinking. The Undertaker is a major attraction and the WWE wants to get as many Wrestlemania buys or Network subscriptions as they can. They’re betting on the fact that more people will pay to watch Wrestlemania in order to see the Dead Man in action. So holding him off of RAW and other events raises the cache of his appearance on the WWE’s biggest show of the year. I can’t fault them in their logic. It definitely raises the intrigue but it hurts the build up to the match. People want to see this match being built and with only one person doing the promotion it feels a little hollow.