Pats Warned Aaron Hernandez That iPhone Would Spy On Him



The Aaron Hernandez story gets crazier by the day. Regardless of if you believe that he killed Odin Lloyd or not, chances are by now you’re admitting that Aaron Hernandez was one unstable individual.

Alexander Bradley, a former friend of Aaron Hernandez who claims Hernandez shot him in the face back in 2013, testified in court on Wednesday. While a judge has ruled that the alleged 2013 shooting cannot be introduced as evidence in the Odin Lloyd murder trial, Bradley’s testimony provided some interesting information about Hernandez’s paranoia.

In a pre-screening before the jury was seated, Bradley claimed Hernandez has serious trust issues and often felt that he was being watched by law enforcement. One specific example Bradley gave was Hernandez’s alleged belief that any iPhone could be recording his conversations. He claimed Hernandez told him he learned that in a team meeting with the Patriots.

“He didn’t want me to use iPhones around him because he stated all conversations could be heard at anytime,” Bradley said. “They told him that in a team meeting.”

Additionally, Bradley claimed Hernandez was concerned that he was being followed by helicopters and “all sorts of law enforcement.”

The funny thing is, the Patriots probably do tell their players that their iPhone is a surveillance device. To be honest,  it kind of is. But whats important to keep in mind here is that Aaron Hernandez only added to his paranoia everyday by allegedly smoking weed. Every. Day.

Another even more important thing to keep in mind is the alleged fact that Aaron Hernandez loved himself some Angel Dust. Rolling Stone reported:

“Aaron’s out of his mind,” says one friend of the family. “He’s been twisted on dust now for more than a year, which is when all of this crazy shit started.”

I’m not going to act like a drug expert here, but I’m pretty sure the dust is to blame for a lot of this mess.

Either way, I’m guessing that this whole story is going to be sold to Lifetime for a lot of money someday. This whole drama screams made-for-TV movie..