Uncle Luke: Pat Riley Needs To Fire Erik Spoelstra


Luther Campbell is a Miami native and huge fan of all the sports teams in the South Beach area.

Uncle Luke took a break from supporting the Miami Hurricanes, to pen this column on why the HEAT should part ways with Eric Spoelstra.

 It’s obvious Spoelstra can’t call a simple play to stop another team’s run after a timeout.

When the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics are beating the Heat for playoff spots with no-name players, Riley should realize his protégé can’t win unless he has three big-name All-Stars in the lineup. The Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls made the playoffs despite injuries to their best players. Things got so bad, Mario Chalmers publicly complained that he didn’t know what his role was on the team.

The Oklahoma City Thunder just fired head coach Scotty Brooks, who like Spoelstra had seven years on the job. The Thunder let Brooks go even though his best player, Kevin Durant, was injured for most of the season and the team posted a 45-37 record.

It’s time for Riley to reevaluate his head coach.

I love a hot take, but you can’t fire who coached his team to four straight NBA Finals. You can’t fire Spoelstra when have his roster missed significant parts of the season.