Brandon Marshall Living With Geno Smith

Marshall Jets

The New York Jets made it their offseason mission to surround Geno Smith with as many weapons as possible and new #1 WR Bradon Marshall is making it his duty to develop a good chemistry with the young QB.

Instead of Marshall renting a fancy NYC loft, trust me he has the money, he decided to move in with Geno Smith and get acquainted with the man who will be throwing the ball to him on Sundays. The New York Times spoke with Marshall about getting to know the young QB and provided their thoughts on the living arrangements.

To help accelerate the chemistry between he and Smith, Marshall moved in with Smith in New Jersey. The two have been living together for the past month. Marshall said he and Smith first met a few years ago and they bonded. The duo got together in South Florida shortly after the trade in March to work out.

“I was just blown away by his maturity and how much he knows,” Marshall said. “This kid is really smart. The sky is the limit for him.”

The first thing that pops into my mind when I hear fo this is the movie Stepbrothers. I can imagine Marshall & Smith sleeping in bunk beds to give themselves more room for activities.