Stephen Espinoza: May-Pac Rematch Could Happen


It doesn’t seems as though fans are clamouring for a Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch but Showtime Exec. Stephen Espinoza seems to think that there’s a market for another fight.

“If these guys see their way to get together again, and its something that most importantly the fans want, then I think it can happen. I dont think it makes sense to have a rematch simply for financial reasons. Its really got to be something that the fans demand and that the audience is calling for.”

Espinoza would like fans to concentrate on the earlier rounds of the fight where most assume Pacquiao to be healthier.

“I think the biggest element that sort of sets the stage for a rematch is the fact that it was a very competitive fight. I think on most judges Floyd pulled away in the later rounds but up through the first half of the fight, it certainly was, they were sort of neck and neck and from that perspective I thought it was a very exciting, competitive and engaging fight, throughout but particularly the first six rounds it was anyones fight.”

I think that the fans are upset because they didn’t see fireworks in this first fight but the Pacquiao injury will be enough to trick the casual fan into thinking he has a chance when healthy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the rematch next May.

One thought on “Stephen Espinoza: May-Pac Rematch Could Happen

  • Didn’t Floyd say he was going to fight in September (Mexican Independence Day). There are only three fighters I want to see Floyd fight:

    1. Amir Khan
    2. Keith Thurman
    3. Gennady Golovkin

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