Andre Berto: I’m Ready To Knock Mayweather Out


Andre Berto is unlikely to get a shot at the pound-for-pound best, but he’s prepared if his name is called. Berto was responding to Mayweather telling Fighthype that he’s a possible choice for his September 12 date.

Berto Told TMZ the shoutout was a blessing, and he’s ready to knock Floyd out if the opportunity presents itself.

“If the fight happens, you know it’ll be more exciting than the Pacquiao fight!”
In fact, Andre says if the two sides are able to work out a deal … he’s doesn’t just want to win, he wants to OBLITERATE Floyd.
“After getting that knock out in my last fight, that taste of blood is something I missed. I want it and I need it again.”

Floyd would make easy work of Berto, and appears to be leaning towards an easy opponent for his final bout.