Andre Berto: Mayweather is Phone Harassing Me Over a Girl (Video)

Andre Berto Floyd Mayweather

Maybe this is what Mayweather wants to fight him?

Berto went on TMZ and says Floyd has been harassing him over the phone over his relationship with one of his Ex-Ladies.

Berto appeared on “TMZ Hollywood Sports” on Wednesday and told us that he respects Floyd as a fighter — but he’s sick of all the drama that’s been going on outside the ring.

Berto says he’s more frustrated with the wave of harassing phone calls he’s received lately … and he’s convinced Mayweather is the one behind the telephonic hostility.

“I know it’s him on the other line. I can hear him breathing.”

So, why would Floyd do it? Berto suggested Floyd is upset with him over an issue involving a woman.
Sources connected to the situation tell us … Mayweather is upset that Berto is friendly with his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson and her new boyfriend Nelly.

Not the heavy breathing?

Boxing, is something else I tell you.