Gettleman on Cam Newton: You Don’t Hold Back A Thoroughbred



Cam Newton is due for a break out year and Carolina fans, along with the front office, are hoping the 2015 season is it.

Questions have been surrounding Cam Newton’s ability to be an “elite” QB because well… he’s getting paid like one; Top 5 to be exact. Gettleman and the Panthers seem to have little fear when it comes to their QB, they have the faith that he can carry this team to a championship. The secret is, you just have to let him be him.

“No. He’s got to be Cam. You don’t hold back a thoroughbred, you don’t,” Gettleman explained. “I don’t know if you watched the Belmont. When (American) Pharaoh came around that backstretch and that horse was nipping at his heels, the jockey let him go. He didn’t whip him. He’s just, ‘Go baby!’ And that’s what a thoroughbred does. You don’t change their game. … You can’t do it.”

Gettleman is right. Cam Newton already possess the capability to be one of the league’s best; there’s only a few tweaks to Newton’s game that needs upgrading. With a better WR core and Offensive line, the Panthers have every chance to be a threat coming out the NFC South.