Glory Johnson Having Twins, Says Brittney Griner Still is The Father

Brittany Griner

Glory Johnson wants to the world know she is having Twins and Brittney Griner was supposed to be the father to their babies.

Griner has said she has no biological connection to the babies, but Johnson says this was their plan all along to raise a family together with Griner as the father (since Johnson is carrying the kids as mother).

WNBA star Glory Johnson just announced … she’s carrying TWINS … and says it’s exactly what she and her estranged wife Brittney Griner planned all along.

Johnson says she’s 9 weeks preggo with the two kids — and says, “Its not a surprise for me because this is what we planned for with the IVF Cycle.”

“Hearing their hearts beat for time was the most ASTONISHING thing I have ever heard in my ENTIRE LIFE.”

It appears that Johnson and Griner are about to have a child support battle.  The key issue will be if Griner said any papers agreeing to the IVF Cycle and therefore making her legally the kids’ father. If so should would be subject to a child support lawsuit from Johnson for basically being a deadbeat dad.  Griner says she has no idea how Johnson got pregnant.  Only one of them can be telling the truth.

So, stay tuned.