Jerry Jones Has ‘No Doubt’ Dez Bryant will play In Opener

dez-bryant< Dez Bryant's contract situation has everyone in Dallas nervous accept team owner, Jerry Jones. Bryant, who was designated the Cowboys franchise player this offseason, has already threatened to sit out the opener if he doesn't have a new deal. Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to think that will happen.

“I have no doubt that he’ll be leading the way against the Giants,” Jones said on Wednesday. “We just know how competitive Dez is and how much he wants to beat the Giants and how much he wants to support his teammates.”

Bryant, the biggest star wideout in the rugged NFC East, caught 88 passes for 1,320 yards and 16 touchdowns last season.  Bryant, 26, will make $12.823 million if he eventually signs his franchise tender.

He has avoided most of the Cowboys offseason workout program  — did not attend their minicamp, yet Jones believes everything can be resolved.

“I would like nothing more than to have long-term security with Dez,” Jones said. “Now that’s where you get right down to it. We’ve worked together great for five years. I said earlier the fact that Dez is where he is, the fact that he’s as substantive as he is relatively speaking to the way he came into the league, with the criticism that he was taking, I was taking, is really rewarding. We’ve got more. There is more ahead. And he’s, by they way, has got a chance to be better in my view, in the future. Have to get it all done to everybody’s satisfaction.”

This could get ugly.