Money Team Member Sued Over Threats to Valet During May-Pac Weekend

Money Team

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have to pony up some of that cash from his May win over Manny Pacquiao to help a member of his entourage settle what could end up being an expensive lawsuit.

According to Larry Brown Sports, a Las Vegas casino valet has filed a lawsuit, claiming he was subjected to threats from a member of Mayweather’s entourage over private ticket sales before the fight.

In the lawsuit, David Bridges claims that David Mack, a Mayweather associate, recruited him to sell fight tickets to wealthy casino patrons.

Bridges is claiming that he sold four tickets, totally $60K, that he relinquished to Mr. Mack in cash. Mack only compensated Bridges with $500, before he started harassing the casino valet over petty details.

The 21-page lawsuit describes other ticket deals, some successful some not, including one for “four tickets at $2,000 per ticket from Mack and The Money Team,” and a third party’s demand for $4,500 for helping on the $80,000 deal.

Bridges claims that Mack paid that man the $4,500, then claimed that the $80,000 deal was falling through. On March 3, he claims, Mack sent him several threatening texts, including “that Mack is coming to plaintiff and that Mack wants his $4,500 back,” and that if the $80,000 deal fell apart, “that Mack will come after plaintiff and plaintiff’s family and do them some type of grievous physical harm.”

Later that day, Bridges says, Mack showed up at Bridges’ job, “forced” him into Mack’s car and demanded the $4,500 commission Mack had paid the third man. When Bridges told him he did not have the money, it “enraged Mack,” who “began to make threats upon plaintiff and plaintiff’s family that put plaintiff in immediate fear for the well-being of his family and himself,” the complaint states.

According to the report, Bridges is seeking damages for fraud, unjust enrichment, conspiracy, bad faith, conversion, breach of contract, vicarious liability, negligent hiring and emotional distress.

Just another day in the life of The Money Team.