NFL Blocks Dolphins Players From Participating In Poker Tournament


The NFL has no problem with guys playing poker, you just can’t play in a big named casino I guess. The NFL fun block has struck again, as several Dolphins players were denied the opportunity to play in a celebrity poker tournament for a good cause.

The players AJ Francis (DT) Jason Fox (DT) and Jordan Cameron had already signed on to participate in the “Andy Slater See You Later Poker Tournament” at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek on June 9th … when they were contacted by reps from the NFL.
“The players told me they were advised the couldn’t play,” organizer Andy Slater tells TMZ Sports … “The league did then contacted me directly and said their planned participation is not permissible.”
Francis, who we’re told was very upset with the situation, tweeted out ;… “Sorry anybody who wanted to come to the Poker Tournament tomorrow and play with Dolphins players. Can’t go anymore.”
We reached out to the NFL … and a rep told us, “There is a long-standing policy that prohibits players — or any league personnel –from appearing at an event in a casino.”

The NFL may want to pass out some reading material on what is suitable and unsuitable for players to take part in. The idea of guys learning at the last-minute that they can’t participate in an event is bad for business and everyone involved.

Thus, the NFL wouldn’t have to look like a bad guy when they go to police players at the last-minute.