UConn Creates Rivalry Trophy for UCF but Doesn’t Tell Them



Apparently UCONN Huskies head football coach, was feeling his team a great deal after their surprising 37-29 upset over the Knights of the University of Central Florida, when he created a “rivalry” with the Knights.

That’s right. Theres Ohio State/Michigan, Alabama/Georgia, Florida/ Florida St.,.. and UCONN/UCF. The only problem with this latest piece of NCAA football history, is only one team knew about it.

According to UCF reporter Brandon Helwig, the Knights had absolutely no idea they were currently embroiled in a storied rivalry named the “Civil Conflict” that is sitting at 2 games deep, with the Knights blowing the Huskies out 62-17 in 2013.

That’s just weird. Its kind of like having an extended conversation with yourself.

I’m curious, if UCF would’ve won the next meeting, and not known about this rivalry; how awkward would the trophy handoff have been?

[h/t LBS]