Who Does Jerry Lawler Want in WWE Hall of Fame?

Jerry Lawler Sam Shaw
The WWE Hall of Fame has allowed many non-WWE stars in as part of the celebrity wing. Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pete Rose for instance. Jerry Lawler was at a Florida Supercon promoting his art work in the Headlocked comic panel and they asked his opinion on fans in the WWE Hall of Fame regarding Connor’s induction this year. Lawler was all for it as there is a place for fans and celebrities. Jerry then took the time to tell people who he wants in the WWE Hall of Fame.

The crowd applauded Andy Kaufman who should definitely be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Former TNA wrestler Sam Shaw was also on hand and nodded his approval as well. Kaufman is one of the first celebrities to cross into the wrestling world and his feud with Jerry Lawler was an amazing piece of art work by a man that truly loved the business. I don’t know why it’s taken so long but Andy Kaufman definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.