DeAndre Jordan Was Annoyed Chris Paul Wouldn’t Hi-Five Him

Chris Paul DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan has made the move to Dallas to play for the Mavericks next season leaving many wondering why he didn’t stay in LA and continue the Lob City tradition. According to ESPN, the reasons for Jordan’s departure from the Clippers were some differences between him and star point guard Chris Paul.

Jordan and Chris Paul had gotten into it more than once, which led Jordan to start seriously contemplating what it might be like to play elsewhere in 2015-16.

He was tired of Paul’s constant barking and petty gestures, like distributing high-fives to the three other guys on the floor following a timeout but somehow freezing out Jordan. 

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things, even a hi-five, that can make the world of a difference to a sensitive teammate.

[h/t ESPN]