Brandon Bass on Why Kobe is Arguably Best Player in NBA

Brandon Bass

This is just nostalgia talking or Bass wants to get on Kobe’s good side.

There is no question there was a time when Kobe was Top 3 player in the NBA and it was a long sustained period.

At this point in his career even when healthy, he is still better than most, but his NAME is bigger than his GAME.

Here is what Bass had to say.

“It’s quite a challenge but I felt like we’ve got enough players right now with the signing of Lou Williams, the trade for Roy Hibbert and then myself and we have arguably the best player in the game still,” Bass said. “When he is healthy he is a monster still. If he is healthy he’s right up there with the best players in the league, that’s LeBron or whoever the best players in the league are.”

Kobe hasn’t been healthy since he tore his achilles heel. That was the end of PRIME KOBE. Hopefully, he can stay healthy this year to help the young players and vets be competitive.