Pedro Martinez Discussed Matt Harvey’s Inning Limit Via Twitter

PEDRO martinez matt harvey

Pedro Martinez had some interesting things to say in regards to Matt Harvey’s inning limit.

Last night, Matt Harvey went on the mound to face off against the Mets division rivals, the Nationals. It was an awful night for Harvey as he was batted off the mound. Somehow the Mets came back to win it but it’s pretty clear that his inning limit topic has gotten to him. Harvey is approaching his 180 inning limit and if the Mets make the playoffs, his appearance will probably be ghost although the ace wants to pitch.

As many Mets fans remember, Pedro Martinez has been through this before. Pedro weighed in on Twitter on the topic but he alluded to basically not trusting management.

Harvey does want to pitch in the playoffs but there’s still plenty of baseball to play before the Mets make it there.


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