Report: Redskins GM’s Wife Believed He Was Cheating With ESPN Reporter


This is what we call a plot twist, but not an unexpected one beyond the fact that the sister-in-law Shannon Rutherford went on record with her comments to Radar Online.

To recap, the wife Redskins GM Scot McCloughan sent out Tweets to ESPN reporter Dianna Russini accusing her of being her husband’s sidechick and exchanging sexual favors for scoops.

Jessica McCloughan 2


The Redskins initially denied the report claiming it was a fake account, but then Mrs. McCloughan came clean, admitted it was her account and apologized in a statement.

Here is what her sister-in-law had to say about that.

Shannon Rutherford, Jessica’s sister-in-law, told Radar that she knew about Jessica’s belief that her husband was cheating on her with the reporter, confirming that she has been aware “for a few weeks” about the “side chick” prior to the Twitter scandal.

When reached via phone on Wednesday night, Rutherford explained that she did not want to be involved in the “political situation,” but when asked if the Redskins pressured Jessica to release a statement that was not true, she told Radar, “Yes.”

Belief and proof are two different things.

Unless there is some proof, you shouldn’t accuse Ms. Russini and she should be given the benefit of the doubt. The question begs what would lead Mrs. Mccloughan to even think this?

If we find out we will let you know.

Jessica McCloughan