Jason Whitlock Implies He’s About to Expose Some People


Lot of weird internal battles that are going on in the world of sports media. Especially in regard to talent leaving ESPN and then chirping about some of the things ESPN is doing.

Simmons, Cowherd and Olbermann all leave the company and none of the departures were smooth.

Now you have Jason Whitlock who was strip of his role as the head guy for The Black Grantland aka The Undefeated and eventually bought out of his contact.

Whitlock hasn’t said much about what happened behind the scenes especially after Deadspin Greg Howard’s piece that included a ton of what should have been classified information about how Whitlock was running the ship at The Undefeated.

But, if you read some of Whitlock’s cryptic tweets he won’t be silent for much long.

This appears to be promo for Whitlock’s new show and his targets seem to be Howard and ESPN. The last tweet sounds strikingly familiar to what Meek Mill said about Drake.

Personally, I am all for a WWE style wars between media personalities, I find that to be entertaining.

We will see if Whitlock’s diss record is better than Meek.


Greg Howard responded to Whitlock threats.








Whitlock in turn had this to say.