Revis’ Ex-Manager Claims He Smokes Weed & Steals Money (Video)


I guess IG models and bored teenagers aren’t the only one’s exposing people on social media. Darrelle Revis was the subject of a 60 minutes piece last night that showed Jets CB on and off of the field. For some reason this feature infuriated his former manager, John Geiger, because he went on a massive Twitter rant.

Revis Drugs Twitter

Geiger’s biggest revelation was that Revis drinks and smokes weed.

Revis Drugs Geiger

The Tweets kept coming as Geiger saw more and more support for Revis.

Revis Geiger Twitter

Revis Twitter Drugs 1

Geiger then became a bit paranoid and started tweeting as though Revis and his camp had it coming.

Revis Drugs Twitter 2

Geiger later deleted these tweets but not before they could be screencapped and passed around the internet. What’s interesting is that Geiger himself said that Jets’ owner Woody Johnson would make him delete the tweets before he did it and that he is available to speak if someone was interested in the truth.

Revis Drugs twitter 3

It’s hard to tell if Geiger is telling the truth, a half-truth or is just spiteful that his former BFF and employer fired him this past summer. If I was Darrelle Revis I’d expect a “random” drug test sometime very soon because the NFL will surely take these allegations seriously.

You Can See The Revis 60 Minutes Video Below