DeAndre Hopkins Really Enjoyed His Stay On Revis Island


Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins made Darrelle Revis look human on Sunday, unlike anytime we’ve ever seen.

Hopkins laid claims to the best wide receiver in the league status by toying with Revis Sunday afternoon, before forcing him to the locker room with an injury.

Hopkins told the New York Post that he was “ready to play” — showing off his skills in a big way.

“With the media blowing up Revis Island, I had to come out and answer,” Hopkins said, via the New York Post. “Times like this, for a great defensive back and a young receiver, not a lot of people have me in their eyes. I know it was a big chip on my shoulder to go out there and play extra hard.”

I answer he did, finishing the day with five catches for 118 yards, with the biggest plays coming against Revis.