KD On If It Bugs Him When Westbrook Shoots More Than Him


I agree with Durant on this one, and I can’t understand why people assume that he and Russell Westbrook might beef over a couple extra shots?

If we truly are supposed to gauge Kevin Durant’s free agent prowess by the words he speaks, then I’d say he’s all but signed, sealed and delivered back to the Thunder.

The main reason is Russell Westbrook — with Durant breaking down how special their relationship is to The Oklahoman on Friday.

Durant says “their like brothers” — “like family” — although there are “times we cuss each other out.”

Durant described Westbrook as someone he now trusts and “can lean on.”

There’s times where we go at it,” Durant told The Oklahoman. “There’s times I don’t like what he’s doing out on the court. There’s times where he hates what I’m doing out on the court. There’s times where it’s ‘Russ, you gotta control your attitude,’ or ‘KD, you gotta stop, you gotta speak up,’ whatever.

“There’s times we cuss each other out, but that’s a part of being brothers. Because I know if I need something, he’ll be there and if I need to talk to someone outside of basketball, he’ll be there. It’s a real brotherhood type relationship. We’re like family.”

Durant admitted that he really gets pissed off when people try to assume that shot selection actually dictates their relationship.

But Durant reiterated that their respective shot selection has not affected his friendship with Westbrook, saying anyone who speculates about a rift between the teammates is being “disrespectful.”

“How can you tell? That’s my whole question,” Durant said. “What are you basing that off of? Because he shoots more than I do one game? That don’t make no sense. We don’t like each other because he shot more? That don’t make no sense.

“And it’s really disrespectful to me or to us because you think I’m that selfish of a person. I don’t like this guy because he shoots more than me? That’s disrespectful to me. Because if I’m a friend, I’m genuine. I’m there, no matter what. Good days, bad days, more shots. I’m a real friend.”