Texans Twitter Trolls Revis Island After DeAndre Hopkins’ Visit

Hopkins and Revis

Has “Revis Island” turned into a nice vacation spot and not a deserted island like years past? Houston Texans young stud DeAndre Hopkins stepped on the island, caught 5 passes for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns leaving Darrelle Revis with a loss and a headache (concussion).

During his post game interview Hopkins was full of confident and it showed as he mocked “Revis Island”. The Texans Twitter handler had Hopkins’ back as they joined in the fun with a troll of epic proportions.

Hopkins’ air quotes were a perfect match for Dr. Evil from the movie ‘Austin Powers’ especially after they both played the role of villain. Revis might want to get his head together because he has another young talented receiver, Javis Landry coming to town Sunday.