Jeff Jarrett Speaks on Black Wrestlers Having a Ceiling


It’s no secret that many wrestlers and fans feel as though the wrestling business skews away from having minority champions. There’s been many discussions on whether black athletes in particular can carry a company. This was one of the questions asked to GFW owner & TNA wrestler Jeff Jarrett in a recent interview.

“Absolutely not. The biggest box office attraction that this business has ever produced ever – in the history of it – is half black. That should answer your question.” – Jarrett

It’s great to hear an owner of a wrestling promotion feel as though race and ethnicity have no bearing on crowning a champion. We see other promotions have no problem putting their heavyweight championship on a black athlete, such as ROH.

The WWE may not have had a legitimate black champion since The Rock but NXT may soon crown Apollo Crews their champion, which sends shock waves throughout the entire company.

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