Kevin Durant Advice to DeAndre Jordan: “Work on Your F*cking FTs”

Durant & KD

I’m a huge fan of being athletes being able to speak their minds. I also believe the NBA is much more marketable and entertaining when the stars aren’t so politically correct with their interviews, just relax and say what ever you feel. Kevin Durant must agree with me after his recent comments about DeAndre Jordan. Oklahoma City Thunder have a big showdown against the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night and Durant have giving us a peek into what might be part of the Thunders’ strategy.

“If you don’t want to get hacked then work on your F*ucking free throws,” Durant told ESPN’s Royce Young.

What Durant said is absolutely right. There has been talks of the NBA looking into adjusting the rules which would limit the ‘Hack-a-DeAndre’ strategy. If the NBA does change the rule, I feel they taking the advantage right out the hand of teams with good free throw shooters. There is no logical reason to change the rule because a few select players have extreme issue at the line. Leave things the way the way they are and tell the poor shooters to spend more time in the gym.

HT: TheScore

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