Kobe’s Retirement Video Will Make His Fans Cry

If you need something to get you emotionally jumpstarted this morning, here it is. After watching that video and remembering all Kobe has done, I’m not afraid to say that is the most emotional I’ve been all year. I was lucky enough to be 5 years old when Kobe burst onto the scene and was able to watch all of the amazing moments of his career and for that, I’m thankful. We have at best about 4 months left watching Kobe Bryant play basketball, even if it isn’t the vintage Mamba, it is still watching the ending to one of the most illustrious careers of all time.

44 thoughts on “Kobe’s Retirement Video Will Make His Fans Cry

  • Kobe has been my hero for so many years. It is sad that he will be retiring, but I will always have the memories of watching him play on TV. This March I am going to the L.A. Lakers/Utah Jazz basketball game in Salt Lake. Two of my co-workers know that I am the “Biggest” Kobe fan from Helena, Montana, along with my two sisters and provided me with tickets to the game. Please Kobe be in Salt Lake in March. Watching you play live is still on my “Bucket” list and I am turning 78 this month and still work in Special Education for the state of Montana. Wishing you good health and much happiness in your retirement (and I know you will still be associated in some way with basketball). My best wishes to your beautiful family. “Go Lakers.”

  • Nice video.. Just one thing though — narrator is trying too hard to sound like morgan freeman lol

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