Rajon Rondo With Amazing Bounce Pass in Transition (Video)


Having the real Rajon Rondo back in the league has been great for the most part. There just aren’t a whole lot of guys with a brain like Rondo, will like Rondo, and most importantly the skill like Rondo.

He helped the Kings pick up the win their 12th win yesterday in Indiana. Sacramento is just outside of the real race in the West, but a strong second half of the season could see them push past Nuggets, Jazz, and Grizzlies who are all just ahead of them in the standings. He finished with 13 points and 16 assists and nearly finished out the triple double with 8 rebounds. The Kings are off for Christmas and will welcome the Portland Trailblazers into town on December 27th.

One thought on “Rajon Rondo With Amazing Bounce Pass in Transition (Video)

  • Like I said during the summer a health Rajon, he’s one of the top five point guards in the league period.

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