Thomas Davis Compares Panthers To Stephen Curry


Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis believes his team has a championship feel to it.

Davis told Jim Rome on CBS Sports Radio he sees similarities between the “truly phenomenal” Curry and Carolina — because of the constant disrespect.

“He’s a lot like we are as a football team right now, with so many people doubting him when he first came into the league. They had so many knocks on him, what he couldn’t do, what he wasn’t going to be able to do, he’s going to be a backup his whole career, and he’s proved everybody wrong,” Davis said. “It’s kind of where we’re at as a football team. We hear all the doubters, people telling us what we can’t do, what we won’t be able to do, and we just continue to stay focused on what we’re trying to accomplish, just like Steph.

“We’re just trying to do it the right way, and that’s the main focus of this football team and what we’ve been able to do this season.”