CM Punk Explains Why UFC Win Will Make Haters Lose Money & Wives

CM Punk Chicago Q&A

CM Punk is a rookie in the UFC but the once proclaimed, “Best in the world,” is still as confident as ever.

When discussing his upcoming debut Punk said that he feels bad for those that bet against him:

“I expect people to be disappointed,” Punk said. “I expect all those people that think I’m going to get knocked out in 10 seconds to be disappointed. I expect people to bet against me and lose their money. I expect people to get divorced because they’re upset that their wife wanted me to win and they wanted me to lose, you know?

“But the people who have stood by me and supported me know it’s business as usual. They know what kind of person I am and they know how I am at the gym. And once that cage door shuts it’s between one minute and 15 minutes before the fight ends and my hand gets raised.”

Punk expects to fight Mickey Gall but Gall has to defeat a tough opponent in UFC newcomer Mike Jackson at UFC 196. If Gall comes out victorious Punk doesn’t expect a huge WWE-style feud to lead up to their fight.

“I have no plans to have any kind of a fabricated persona. If it gets personal I’m sure I’d have a dozen quick-witted things to say but I don’t really feel that it would get personal. I’ve got nothing personal against him. I’m going to beat him up, choke him and it’s just business.”

We will see if Punk lives up to that prediction.

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