Did LeBron Use McGregor IG Post to Send Message to Kevin Love? (Photos)

LeBron McGregor Cavs Love

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled with some of the better teams in the NBA and King James decided to seek inspiration from another self-proclaimed King, Conor McGregor.

I’m obsessed!! Straight up #StriveForGreatness

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The Cavs are a team full of talent but LeBron decided to send a message to everyone, including his teammates, that talent isn’t enough. Couple this with Kevin Love saying that LeBron needs to look in the mirror when criticizing effort and we may have a public subliminal sparring match going on between the two.

Ultimately, LeBron wants to see obsession from everyone one around him so that Cleveland can ultimately reach their goal of becoming world champions. It’ll take him, Kevin Love & Kyrie Irving all firing out at their max potential.

I wonder if Conor McGregor will get a ring if this turns out to be the message behind a Cavs championship?

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