Lawsuit Alleges Sheriff Forced Cops to Steal Weed (Video)

WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, AL –

Two former Winston County, AL deputies have filed a lawsuit against their police department, after secretly recording their sheriff instructing them to steal marijuana from police evidence.

The former deputies claim that the marijuana was not for the sheriff’s personal use, but intended for his sick aunt that is battling cancer.

After receiving repeated requests for drugs from Sheriff Walker, Deputy Zachery Green and Deputy Steven Moody recorded a conversation on August 19, 2015 in which Sheriff Walker asked them to steal marijuana during their next narcotics bust.

The two deputies then began secretly working with the FBI in September,2015 and shared the recorded video with them.  The two deputies were fired suddenly in November 2015, and have since filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination.

Here is a transcript of the conversation captured by WBRC6:

“Zak Green: Supposed to be a big marijuana grow house in Arley. I don’t know where at.

Sheriff Hobby Walker: I need a little bit of dope, OK? I’ve been trying to get one ever since I’ve been in office and this has been going on eight months. The woman’s gonna die before I you know?

Steven Moody: Yes, sir.

Zak Green: I understand. And every time we’ve come across one it just seems…

Sheriff Hobby Walker: We’ve got some on that eradication. All you gotta do is peel a little off.”

No criminal charges have been filed against Sheriff Walker at this time, however the FBI and the ALEA are investigating.