Sports Fans Use Artificial Intelligence to Beat Vegas

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Degenerate gamblers everywhere rejoice!  Artificial Intelligence programs are here to help you pick football games.  A new online social platform called UNU has been developed to help groups of people make decisions in what the developers call a collective swarm.

The swarm groups people together to combine their collective wisdom in order answer questions and make choices.  To test its performance, researchers pitted their technology against ESPN experts, individual fans, and Las Vegas sharks, to see what group would make the most accurate College Football Playoff picks.

Here are some of the results:

  • Individual Sports Fans (across 74 surveys): 4 / 9 wins ATS , cash loss (-16 % ROI)
  • ESPN College Football Experts: 4 / 9 wins ATS, cash loss (-16 % ROI)
  • An UNU Swarm (74 fans working as one): 6/9 correct picks ATS, big gain (+27 % ROI)

The results speak volumes as the UNU A.I. was correct on a higher percentage of picks which resulted in the biggest monetary gain.

This is yet another example of how technology is leveling the playing field in the sports betting arena.

3 thoughts on “Sports Fans Use Artificial Intelligence to Beat Vegas

  • Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the article and joined the Beta group.

    Very interesting topic and it will take the masses a lot longer to what is going on in the technology world, if they catch on at all.

    This is some cutting edge and I am glad you introduced it to me.


    • Awesome! Thanks.

  • My words got cut off…

    “a lot longer to catch on…”

    “cutting edge technology…”

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