Aaron Rodgers Ranks Favorite Girl Scout Cookies; What’s Your Favorite?

Olivia Munn might be exacted about the surprise Girl Scout Cookie drop in from the Rock family at The Oscars, but Aaron Rodgers ended up with the dreaded Savannah Smiles cookies.

Rodgers gave the ranking of his favorite Girl Scout Cookies. If you’re like me and don’t know the cookie color chart by heart, CBS Sports will translate:

Rodgers’ ranking goes:

1. Tagalongs (peanut butter-filled with chocolate coating)
2. Thin Mints (chocolate mint)
3. Samoas (toasted coconut goodness)

I’m down with peanut butter filled anything; I’m technically 25% peanut butter. But I’m not down with any sort of mint with my chocolate. I don’t even understand how that’s a thing- how does toothpaste flavor add to the delicious taste of wholesome chocolate?

Other than that I’ll basically put anything sugary in my body, not really by choice, I just have no self-control. I had to stop buying Oreos because I was eating just about an entire sleeve per hour. You’ll never feel closer to death than after eating a few sleeves of those little devils.