Bo Jackson Not a Fan of Kids Playing Football (Video)

Bi-sport superstar, Bo Jackson, appeared on Sportscenter on Monday and spoke out against kids being allowed to play football. When asked if it’s due to the new information we’re getting on concussions he said it started even before that.

“It changed even before the big issue came up with concussions,” Jackson said. “I’m sitting saying ‘little kids shouldn’t be playing, little kids shouldn’t be going out running into each other like they’re playing in the NFL.’”

I think with everything we are learning about concussions it’s a no brainer. Kids need to be the most protected in all of this. If a grown adult is going to play college football and beyond, then they are of sound mind to make that choice. Even if a senior in high school wants to play they’re old enough to make their own decisions in that sense but a kid younger than that and you’re getting into real early brain development time. You don’t want to expose them to possible brain injuries when their brain is still not fully formed. I have to unequivocally agree that on this issue, Bo Knows.

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