Details on VDay Food Being So Bad Caused Man to Stab Someone


Chances are if you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day isn’t going to end quietly- good or bad.

In Maryland things got heated, but it wasn’t in the bedroom. The police were called to a residence in a suburb of Baltimore where two men were in a fight over food. Details from Fox Baltimore:

“Investigators say two men were involved in the altercation when the first suspect, 20-year-old Christian Michaels, punched the second suspect, 53-year-old Aaron Hebron. According to police Hebron then grabbed a steak knife and stabbed Michaels in the chest. A struggle over the knife ensued, causing both suspects additional injuries, according to police.”

They both were transported to the hospital for treatment with non-life threating injuries. Hebron will be transferred to the Eastern District following treatment. Charges against Michaels are pending.

Sure you might have been lonely yesterday, but if you’re reading this chances are your Valentine’s Day didn’t end like this. Who says only dogs fight over food?