Roy Jones on if He’s Finally Retiring

Roy Jones 4

Roy Jones is 47 years old and should have retired probably a decade ago, but he continues to fight. When he isn’t fighting total bums he is suffering scary knockouts.

Some reports came through today he was finally going to retire, but Roy had his reps shoot down those reports.

“Roy has not yet made an official decision about retiring, but in the past, he has always mentioned that he wants to do his last fight in Pensacola,” John Wirt, CEO of Jones’ Square Ring Promotions, told on Wednesday. “I spoke to his manager, McGee [Wright], about it and he said that he has not discussed [a farewell fight] with Roy because this is something for Roy to bring up if and when Roy decides to do it.”

Hopefully the farewell fight will be against someone who isn’t capable of knocking him down.

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