Details on “Ex-UL Recruits” Telling NCAA About Strippers & Sex Parties

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out, but this is extremely damaging to Louisville basketball and more important — head coach Rick Pitino.

According to a report by John Barr as part of ESPN’s Outside the Lines — at least three former Louisville recruits talk to the NCAA — admitting that they attended stripper parties on campus — having sex with the women as well.

“There’s no question this stuff happened,” the source said. “There’s no question the people at the University of Louisville know this happened. Katina Powell is not an admirable person, but she told the truth.”

Back in October — Powell rocked the college basketball world when she revealed in a tell-all-book — details about former Cardinals player and assistant Andre McGee paying her almost $10,000 over four years to escort campus parties for recruits and players.

In the report — it’s alleged that McGee gave the players and himself — stacks of dollar bills “ranging from $200 to $500.”

According to ESPN — via a person familiar with the rules process — these findings will ” very likely confirm that Louisville violated NCAA rules on impermissible benefits to players.”

“If you’ve got three (recruits), that’s a slam dunk (to put a case together)”, the source said. “That’s the enforcement staff’s dream.”

Louisville announced a self-imposed ban from the ACC and NCAA tournament amid the scandal — but we can certainly look forward to more sanctions and consequences.

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